For over twenty-five years, Daly and Sawyer Construction, Inc., has built Lowcountry custom homes with an environmentally conscious approach. We build and renovate homes that support the health and wellness of the resident and the community.

Our goal is to create value by working with clients to make their homes and lives healthier. From a smart design to nontoxic building materials, better indoor air quality to water conservation, it’s up to our clients how healthy and energy-efficient we build their Lowcountry custom home.

There are numerous benefits to building a healthy home. According to the 2009 Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes . . .

• Green homes use 50 percent less water than standard homes.

• The design and the construction of healthy homes prevent mold issues common in Lowcountry homes. At an annual cost of $3.5 billion, approximately 21 percent of current asthma cases in the United States come from exposure to dampness and mold in homes.

• Healthy homes with ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances result in lower energy costs and less indoor air pollution.

• Local and state governments, utility companies, and organizations offer rebates, tax breaks, and other incentives for homeowners to build healthier homes.

Continuing our commitment to meet each client’s needs and offer superior customer service, we have become ENERGY STAR® and EarthCraft certified and have Certified Green Professionals (CPG) ™ on staff. Not only do we adhere to strict guidelines when building healthy homes, but our team also receives ongoing education to stay current with building processes, innovations, and materials. We do everything we can to ensure each custom home is built energy-efficient, healthier, and according to the highest standards.

Homeowner education is as important to us as it is for our clients. During the planning process, at completion, and long after, we strive to have constant communication with clients. From the education of what ENERGY STAR® and EarthCraft certification mean to constant updates during building to providing a detailed Homeowner’s Manual, we ensure our clients understand how their healthy home is built, how to properly operate the various systems, and how to take care of the home.

Whether looking for a healthier living environment, saving on energy costs, or minimizing the carbon footprint, Daly and Sawyer works with clients to build a sustainable custom home that fits their needs.